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High-content screening of functional genomic libraries.

Rines, Daniel, Tu, Buu, Miraglia, Loren, Welch, Genevieve, Zhang, Jia, Hull, Mitchell, Orth, Anthony and Chanda, Sumit (2006) High-content screening of functional genomic libraries. Methods in Enzymology, 414. pp. 530-565. ISSN 0076-6879


Recent advances in functional genomics have enabled genome-wide genetic studies in mammalian cells. These include the establishment of high-throughput transfection and viral propagation methodologies, the production of large-scale cDNA and siRNA libraries, and the development of sensitive assay detection processes and instrumentation. The latter has been significantly facilitated by the implementation of automated microscopy and quantitative image analysis, collectively referred to as high-content screening (HCS), toward cell-based functional genomics application. This technology can be applied to whole genome analysis of discrete molecular and phenotypic events at the level of individual cells and promises to significantly expand the scope of functional genomic analyses in mammalian cells. This chapter provides a comprehensive guide for curating and preparing function genomics libraries and performing HCS at the level of the genome.

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