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Insights into RNA unwinding and ATP hydrolysis by the flavivirus NS3 protein.

Luo, Dahai, Xu, Ting, Watson, Randall, Scherer-Becker, Daniela, Sampath, Aruna, Jahnke, Wolfgang, Yeong, Sui Sum, Wang, Chern Hoe, Lim, Siew Pheng, Strongin, Alex, Vasudevan, Subhash and Lescar, Julien (2008) Insights into RNA unwinding and ATP hydrolysis by the flavivirus NS3 protein. The EMBO Journal, 27 (23). pp. 3209-3219. ISSN 1460-2075


Together with the NS5 polymerase, the NS3 helicase has a pivotal function in flavivirus RNA replication and constitutes an important drug target. We captured the dengue virus NS3 helicase at several stages along the catalytic pathway including bound to single-stranded (ss) RNA, to an ATP analogue, to a transition-state analogue and to ATP hydrolysis products. RNA recognition appears largely sequence independent in a way remarkably similar to eukaryotic DEAD box proteins Vasa and eIF4AIII. On ssRNA binding, the NS3 enzyme switches to a catalytic-competent state imparted by an inward movement of the P-loop, interdomain closure and a change in the divalent metal coordination shell, providing a structural basis for RNA-stimulated ATP hydrolysis. These structures demonstrate for the first time large quaternary changes in the flaviviridae helicase, identify the catalytic water molecule and point to a beta-hairpin that protrudes from subdomain 2, as a critical element for dsRNA unwinding. They also suggest how NS3 could exert an effect as an RNA-anchoring device and thus participate both in flavivirus RNA replication and assembly.

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Keywords: ATP analogues; dengue virus; flaviviruses; NS3 helicase structure; RNA complex
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Date Deposited: 14 Dec 2009 13:48
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