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Synthesis of the macrocyclic core of (-)-pladienolide B.

Skaanderup, Philip and Jensen, Thomas (2008) Synthesis of the macrocyclic core of (-)-pladienolide B. Organic Letters, 10 (13). pp. 2821-2824. ISSN 1523-7060


An efficient synthesis of the macrocyclic core of (-)-pladienolide B is disclosed. The concise route relies on a chiral auxiliary-mediated asymmetric aldol addition and an osmium-catalyzed asymmetric dihydroxylation to install the three oxygenated stereocenters of the macrocycle. This purely reagent-controlled and flexible strategy sets the stage for future analogue syntheses and structure-activity relationship plotting of the appealing anticancer lead structure pladienolide B.

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Date Deposited: 14 Dec 2009 13:49
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